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    Global brands to small businesses requiring a variety of cabling solutions and services.


    Education specific solutions, ranging from data and power cabling to Audio Visual products and CCTV.

    Data Centre

    Variety of Data Centre solutions and services for any business size, type or location.


    Cabling installations for local health practices, through to UK wide, regional trusts.


    Delivering bespoke and robust installations fit for demanding environments.


    Implementing and managing overseas projects without compromise.


    Private homes requiring a bespoke solution.


    Network Cabling

    Copper and fibre solutions from reputable and well known global manufacturers.


    Electrical services to complement your network installation.

    Cabinets / Containment

    Cabinet options and containment for a variety of design requirements.

    Audio Visual

    Market leading devices including SMARTboards, projectors and TVs.


    Installing and maintaining state of the art security cameras on your IP network.

    Phone System

    Quality phone systems that deliver excellent business functionality.

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Tyco Electronics

TE Connectivity is a global, $14 billion company that designs and manufactures highly engineered solutions that connect and protect data and power inside millions of products that touch every aspect of our lives. In a world where everything is connected, every connection counts.
Intelligent communications, mobility, and high bandwidth applications are pushing the limits of today's data communications networks. At TE, our Fibre Innovation in fibre connectivity and advanced optical technologies are setting new standards for miniaturization and high-speed solutions—to help today's most demanding data centres keep the data flowing.

Data centre deployment is at the heart of most IT strategies. Designing a data centre that responds to the needs of a business can make it a key pillar in a company’s strategy. To do this, you need a network infrastructure partner that can anticipate new industry trends, drive standards, help design, operate, and grow a data centre that can serve your business needs in a highly agile fashion. Their high density fibre and copper data centre solutions are engineered to out-perform your expectations.

TE Connectivity supplies products and jointly develops solutions with many of the world’s leading data centre equipment manufacturers. This ideally positions them to be able to anticipate and deliver on your requirements for a competitive data centre infrastructure.

TE Connectivity is committed to being the world’s leading provider of enterprise networks infrastructure solutions. With connector technology as the prime focus of our business and a track record in the structured cabling industry through their AMP NETCONNECT and KRONE brands, a TE25 warranty provides the added assurance of a warranty backed by a company with long-term industry stability.

While the warranty provides added assurance, TE products are market leaders in terms of their quality, preventing problems before they happen. Their representation on all of the major national and international standards committees provides an on-going assurance that TE’s copper and fibre connectivity will meet or exceed the latest edition of these standards at a component level, as well as at a system level.

The TE Network, Design & Installation (ND&I) program provides quality assurance from design, installation and commissioning right through to operation over twenty- five years. All companies who install a TE system must be accredited within the ND&I program in order to support the TE25 warranty. These companies are trained by TE to the highest standards and will provide professional first line support. With a presence in all of the world’s key markets, TE Connectivity is also able to extend this warranty support to that most complex of IT infrastructure challenges, a global roll-out.

The TE25 warranty covers copper and fibre components from comms room to the desk, including campus, backbone and data centre environments. With the TE25 system warranty, every element of your physical infrastructure can be warranted to the latest international cabling standards. As a result, you can be assured that a TE system, installed by a qualified ND&I program installer, will support all application protocols and transmission speeds specified within these standards at the date of installation.